Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Rag Rug

Soft green combined with pinks and reds make for a fresh and summery combo.  Rag rug measures 34" in diameter; $120.  Washable, durable.  Delivery in Peterborough/Lakefield area can be arranged, or front porch pick up at my Lakefield studio.

Rag rug

Plums, teal and turquoise combine nicely in this large round area rag rug.  Measures 36" in diameter; $130.   Durable & washable.  Perfect for high- or low-traffic areas.  Delivery is an option in the Peterborough/Lakefield area; or front porch pickup from my Lakefield studio. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Midnight Garden

Inspired by hot and silent summer evenings ..... this painting is acrylic on panel; measures 12" x 12"; $125.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Chunky Blue Flannel Rag Rug

This is a hefty mat!  Made using heavy flannels, it will keep both floors and toes warm.  Washable, durable ... great for any spot in the house or cottage.  Measures 35" in diameter; $125.  Delivery can be arranged in the Peterborough/Lakefield area - or safe, front porch pick up from my Lakefield studio.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Cool colours for hot days!

Add some fresh, cooling blues to any small space.  Handmade rag rugs, using all recycled materials, are washable and extremely durable - and great in both low- and high-traffic areas.  You can contact me by sending a PM on Facebook.  Safe delivery in Peterborough/Lakefield area - or front porch pick up from my Lakefield studio.

Round rug measures 28" in diameter.
 Ideal for small bathroom; kitchen, or as an accent in any room. 

Rectangular rug measures 35" x 26"
Ideal for bathroom, kitchen, entranceway, hallway ......


Sunday, 5 July 2020

Red rag rug

Just finished - cheery reds, tempered with soft russets and light coral. Ideal for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, den, in front of fireplace..... and would fill a small room beautifully.  As always, rugs are extremely durable and easy to care for.  This is one of the larger rugs I've made recently, measuring  36|" (3 feet) in diameter.   $130.

Available from my Lakefield studio; delivery in the area, or front porch pickup.


Tuesday, 30 June 2020


Simple flowing lines against a dramatic black background. The brilliant lime coloured leaves take on a batik-like texture.  Acrylic on wood; measures 8" x 10"; $100.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Fireflies - part three!

The little white dots of fireflies light up a night time garden.  Acrylic on wood; this piece measures 12" x 12" ; $100


Friday, 26 June 2020

Firefly gardens

These two new little paintings reminded me of fireflies in the garden.  They're tiny canvases - measuring just 6" x 6".  Acrylic on board; $50 each.


Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Rag Rug

Here's a lively summer colour combo!  Hot pinks, bright red, and soft pastels make this round rag rug perfect for sunroom, bedroom, bathroom... As always, made using only recycled materials.  Extremely durable; great in high or low traffic area; easy to clean.  I'm happy to arrange safe delivery in the Peterborough/Lakefield area - or front porch pickup at my Lakefield studio.

Round Rag Rug
Measures 32" diameter